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Mick Mixon - What Is On His Mind Lately?

Mick Mixon, who recently graced us with a headline which screamed OUR SPERM,
continues the new and exciting theme of bodily functions and sports by
suggesting that "IU
Players Need Diaper Change."

Next up for the Mixter - well, come to think of it, we'd rather not go
there.  But there are only a few bodily functions left to choose from and
we don't give a spit which one he chooses. Urine a world of trouble when you
start down that road because it snot easy to quit and you really need to watch
your pees and queues, as any woman will tell you at halftime in Cameron. We're
glad we don't have to stand in that line!

Ok, now don't mucus pun again, Mixon. We can keep this up for weeks. Stick to
the UNC poop!