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T-Shirt Update!

A couple of items:

1. First, thanks for all of the orders! We've been swamped and had to reorder. Fortunately, you should notice no delay in delivery.

2. Second, unfortunately, the software programmers have found a couple of bugs in the secured credit card template (we're actually the first online store our fulfillment company is establishing, so we're guinea pigs of sorts). The bottom line is that while we hoped to have credit card ordering available today, it looks like that's being pushed back until the first week of October. Although we'd like to have it up and running now, we agree with them that it's better to wait and do it right than rush and have several hiccups. That being said, however, we are looking into a temporary patch into a plain vanilla order form via a different system, and we might be able to bring that online sooner.

3. Third, the Wolfpack Red shirts came in yesterday so they're in the process of being shipped out now. Enjoy, Wolfies!

4. Fourth, we'd be happy to post pictures of you, your family members, or your friends wearing the shirts. Just send them in! Also, if you can catch any "celebrities" in the shirts, we'd be most appreciative.

5. Fifth, in response to certain e-mails we've received, no, you can't have the phone numbers of any of our "models." :)