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Duke Olympians

While we were sad that Grant Hill had to give up the Olympics, we were happy
to see that Greg Newton is going to compete
for Canada.
We promise not to muff the anthen or hang the flag
upside down, Newt!

There are other Dukies competing - Linda Blutreich, Curt
Clausen, UNC grad and Duke assistant soccer coach Carla Overbeck, Vanessa Webb,
and also Evan Whitfield.

Speaking of the Olympics, we got e-mail today from the Village from the
Official DBR Olympian, Daniel Kowalski, who says he saw Newton in the dining
hall, and a number of world-class athletes. We told him we're jealous. It sounds
like a blast.

Troy Murphy has some high
praise for the men's basketball team,
and they should be primed, but let's
be clear: a team of college All-Stars pushed them for 20 minutes, and the
Aussies did, too. If they think the other teams are going to roll over
just becaue they are all NBA players they better think again.