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Some ACC Recruiting News

There are a number of ACC recruiting battles to catch up on, first of all the
Melvin Scott situation. Scott, a 6-1 combo guard, may
be ready to commit to UNC.
  With Morrison, Boone, Forte, Manuel and
Curry already in the fold, Scott would give UNC six quality guards, and Jon
Holmes would likely move down to the Michael Brooker towel waving station on the
end of the bench..  Curry and Boone are specifically points, and Morrison,
while Forte, Manuel and Scott can play either guard spot, and Jawad Williams
coach says he can play guard, too, but by the same token, Forte and Manuel could
possibly play small forward.

It brings up a couple of interesting points. First, Doherty continues to
shake things up at UNC.  Dean Smith would probably not have loaded up so
much. When he did load up it was usually up front. UNC fans are fond of saying
that UNC doesn't overrecruit, nor do they recruit over anyone.  Whatever
else you want to say, with six guards, someone has to sit. This is pretty
clearly a departure from The Dean World View.

Here's Ben
Sherman's take,
and here's
another link
from what we should start calling the Site Formerly Known As
Bob Gibbons' Site. Why? Because Gibbons rarely puts his name on anything
anymore. In this story, he is actually quoted. Quoted on his own site! Jeremy
Tiers and Rob Matera seem to be doing yeoman's work, so the site name should
reflect that. Just our opinion.

In other ACC news, Ed
Nelson is looking seriously at Tech and calls them his leaders.
Clemson will
lose Nelson but is apparently about
to gain Chey Christie, brother of former Tiger Tony.