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Ratto On Knight & Some Speculation

Roy Ratto, who is at times brilliant,
has a really fine column up on the Indiana situations.
  Indiana is in
the market for a good coach who won't overshadow everything else, which likely
rules out guys like Majerus and Pitino.  Had this happened in the spring,
they could have chosen from Brey, Doherty, Peterson, Self, and a number of
others.  In the coming spring, Alford will likely be mentioned, as will
Amaker to some extent, possibly Snyder depending on his year, and possibly a few
others, including, and we speculate, Tubby Smith, who is said to be tiring of
the grind at UK.    It's not hard at all to imagine Buzz Peterson
inheriting a solid Tulsa team, finishing Top 20, and jumping to Hoosierville. 
Since they will surely call Smith and Krzyzewski and ask for references, we'd
hope that Curtis Hunter gets a mention from Dean.  Yes, he's been a head
coach for one season, and yes, he's untested, but he's done miracles with NC
A&T.  We're not sure who K would mention at this point; most of his guys have jobs and his assistants are either too young or, in the case of Dawkins, content where is, apparently.

Another guy who might get mentioned is Ben Braun of California,
and Mike Montgomery would fit their criteria well.

Bill Frieder's not doing much these days. Just kidding!

The guy who coaches at Wofford has done a tremendous job, but of course he is
at Wofford. Not many guys have gone from Wofford to the Big 10 and we believe he
ties into the Kresse NYC pipeline.  We're big fans of Davidson's Bob
McKillop as well. C'mon, guys, who are we missing?

As far as Knight's future goes, he would need to be at a place where
basketball is king of course, where the fans want to devote themselves fairly
slavishly to the coach, and where, uh, eccentricities are tolerated.  Toss
in great fishing and hunting, and where else but New Mexico?  They are just
mercenary to get rid of  Fran Fraschilla to get Knight in there, too. 
He could dominate that conference and turn UNM into a significant power. 

Speaking of UNM, continues to be a source of
wackiness.  The site
continues the jihad against  Fraschilla, w
ho has lost eight players since
taking over. Now that might just be an incentive to boot him if Knight is
lurking around the corner.