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More On New Seating At The Dean Dome

Here's the N&O with a story on the
seating changes at the Dean Dome,
with this key line: "Students requested moving to an area behind the visiting bench so they could better harass the visiting team.

This of course was not something Dean Smith subscribed to, so you'd have to
think that he might not be happy about it. It's also worth noting that for years
the UNC fans have derided the Duke fans for precisely the same thing the
students are now requesting.

Art Chansky says, though, that the
big winner in this deal is the Rams Club.
We're shocked! Shocked!

The Charlotte Observer says that the UNC kids will now get a chance to compete
with the Cameron Crazies.
What do you think, Crazies? An explicit challenge
has been laid down. Can they bring more? No? Ok, better back it up then!