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Hewitt Takes A Stand

Paul Hewitt, who is in his first months at a new job in a state with a
sometimes sad history of race relations, has
taken a stand on the State Flag,
which contains the Confederate flag (he's
says take it down). It's not surprising that he would prefer it changed,
but coaches usually tread cautiously and since a lot of GT alums probably
disagree with him, it may not be the smartest move politically, which is a
reversal, since in South Carolina opposing the flag became the smart thing for
coaches to do.

We'll be interested to see how this plays out, but regardless, it's pretty
cool that he said what he thought when he was pretty new to the state and the
state's - and Tech's - politics. It's not as bold as what Dean Smith did in
Chapel Hill, when he opposed segregation with no power base, but it's still an
interesting and perhaps revealing move.