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Tons Of Stuff From The Chronicle

The Chronicle has the
end of the summer edition and it is packed full of goodies. Ok, they're
not all goodies. Here's
an article on Corey Maggette,
with an inaccuracy: Duke actually did get
probation when David Thompson was being recruited. A former student bought
Thompson a sports jacket.

Neil Boumpani wrote in to take issue with a previous
letter dissing the athletic department for
giving Cameron seats to the band.
Of course the band should be there.
It's hard to imagine anyone disagrees, particularly when the students didn't
even take all their seats last season
. That's out of left field.

They also
an article about the succession at UNC.

Andrea Bookman
has an article up on the women's team
and the sensational incoming class,
Brody Greenwald has a
Q&A with Chris Duhon,
where he says again he's staying all four
years. and another article about unfinished
business for the men's team,
and there is also an article about Dunleavy
and Williams making the USA 20 and under team.

Finally, here's
an article on Sheela Agarwal, whose
quest to find justice for her slain sister is likely now to bear fruit.