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Tourney Moves

The ACC is discussing the tourney location, or will be at the upcoming
meeting, and Commissioner Swofford is saying that
it should be in Florida, that Florida is an important basketball state.

Maybe, but the state seems pretty tightly focused on football and basketball
from here. We've never seen any evidence of passion for basketball unless the
Final Four is involved.

Gary Williams would like it up North periodically, too, saying that the NC
teams have an inherent advantage with it in state, but putting the tournament in
College Park wouldn't change the fact that Gary Williams doesn't coach well in
pressure situations. He has never gotten past the Sweet 16 at any
school, in the ACC, the Big 10, or the Big East, and last year was the first
time he got to the ACC Finals, with probably his best team ever, in ever sense,
and zip, nada, zilch.