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UVa's Weekend AAU Tourney

ACC Today has an article up about the Southern Invitational AAU Tournament, being held this weekend at Charlottesville. If you've ever been to one of these events, the funniest thing is watching coaches try to be as visible as possible. In this particular case, since it is a dead period, the UVa coaches can't be in the gym during the games, but they pop in between games. There's a carefully thought-out rule.

Bob Gibbons says that it's a big advantage to the hosting school when it comes to recruiting, and he's certainly right. However, he suggests that Chris Carrawell's attendance cemented him for Duke, and while it certainly didn't hurt, what really helped was Coach K's sticking with C-well when he was injured as a junior. Most coaches backed off, and that was really when Carrawell focused on Duke. Being on campus couldn't have hurt, but it wasn't like he got there and had a revelation.