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Transfer Rumor (In, Not Out)

This has been popping up a lot the last couple of days - the suggestion that Dahntay Jones could leave Rutgers and transfer to Duke. Is it true?

Heck if we know. It apparently popped up first on, a St. John's site, and there does seem to be a transfer in the works, but to Duke?

The heart of the rumor is the idea that Jones and Jason Williams are big pals, and that Duke would bring Jones in to hopefully keep Jason around for longer than might otherwise be the case. This presupposes two things: 1) that Jason is on his way out early at some point, which is by no means certain, and 2) that Krzyzewski would actually bring one kid in to keep another one happy. Our guess is that if Jones does transfer to Duke, it's because the coaching staff believes he can help the team, not because they think he'll help Jason Williams stick around.

Anyway, the rumor is out there, so be prepared for more of the same until the situation is resolved.