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The Recruiting Move Of The Year

Andy Katz has a great article up about coaches being up in arms about summer recruiting, but there's a gem buried a good ways down which just screams for attention:

Guess who John Calipari is hiring? Milt Wagner. That's right, the father of Camden high school legend DeJuan Wagner. Milt will sign on as an administrative assistant at Memphis.

Hilariously enough - and as people almost always do when they hire a relative or high school coach - Calipari insists he's not angling for DeJuan, who might jump to the NBA anyway. No, he says that Milt is trying to break into the business, and he's just helping him out. That's pretty much what Larry Brown said when he hired Ed Manning, who brought Danny along to Kansas, thus probably denying UNC a national championship or two. Danny was a star in Greensboro and was considered a lock for UNC before that maneuver.

Anyway, might as well consider Memphis in the driver's seat in that sweepstakes, and look forward to some heated contests with Denny Crum of conference rival Louisville, who had some hopes of getting DeJuan.

The rest of the column is interesting - particularly Rick Barnes'suggestion that weekend recruiting be banned - but clearly this is the recruiting stunt of the year - so far at least.