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Three Recruiting Notes

Telep has a feature up on Brandon Fuss-Cheatham,
who we saw at TOC and who
is, in our opinion, going to to be a pretty solid guard and likely a four year
point guard. We probably don't need to remind you of how valuable that is
these days.

Anyway, Dave tells us that State has an in with him, through the Miller
family, as does Calipari, who has known the family for awhile and tried to hire
Sean Miller, the state assistant and Archie's brother, at Memphis.

a note also on John Allen
, the kid from the Tim Thomas Playaz who sat at the
TOC due to injury. Interestingly enough, he sat on the opposite side of the
court from his team, for whatever reason.

Finally, from The All-Star Report, now apparently maintained by Jeremy Tiers
and Rob Matera, who have signed every article for over a month, is an article on
players in the TOC who people didn't see coming.
We didn't see
everyone they list, but we were impressed by Illian Evtimov and certainly Evan
Burns. The grapevine last weekend, for whatever it is worth, suggested he'd be
interested in Duke. We'll see.