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More On Dahntay

Here's more on Dahntay Jones,
first from the N&O
and second
from New Jersey Online.

For Duke, it's an interesting development, and we have sort of changed our
minds about accepting transfers: if players are only going to stick around for
two years, or what have you, it's probably better to get them at the end then at
the beginning.

As for Rutgers, this is part of a larger problem. This is from New Jersey

"In addition to having seven players transfer out, Bannon has acknowledged endorsing a strip free-throw shooting contest during a December 1997 practice, was unsuccessfully sued over the incident and botched the spring recruitment of junior college player Will Campbell, who gave Rutgers a commitment in the morning, only to
rescind it a few hours later. He also failed to hold onto 7-footer Josh Moore, who committed to Rutgers a year ago and is now bound for Michigan, and had a nasty falling-out
with former assistant coach Rob Lanier."