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More On Piggie

Kansas City Star has done their own timeline of the Piggie affair,
much more
elaborate than ours since they had access to the indictment. Among the
more interesting points:

  • "Amid the recruiting whirlwind, Rush on Nov. 20 announced he could not complete his letter of intent to Kansas because his mother would not sign. He explained that she wanted him to consider all his
    options," which would suggest that he was actually offered a letter of
    intent by Kansas or that he lied about being offered a letter of intent.
  • The indictment for the weapons charge carries a 10 year mandatory federal
  • much more details on Piggie's alleged shoe resale attempt including a
    dramatic restaurant showdown.
  • Sonny Vaccaro saying this: "In my opinion, if the guy plea bargains, he'll bring the whole pyramid down."