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BCA Weighs In On Reforms

The BCA has weighed in on the proposed NCAA reforms, and
they are not happy.
  According to Andy Katz, they particularly object
to the terms "culture" and "unsavory characters" which were
used in regards to summer camps, tournaments and programs.

It's understandable to an extent that they might find the characterizations
offensive.  And one could certainly make the argument that the NCAA is
merely defending long-held turf.  But if you've been to a few of the summer
events, and you aren't blind or self-deluding, it's perfectly clear that there
are a lot of people there who are looking for a cut of the action - agents,
middlemen, and so forth - and have no concern for the humanity dreaming such great dreams.

A hard fact: the NBA has 29 teams and  roster spots for 348
players.  If 10% of the positions open up a year - it's probably higher,
but 10% is a round number - that's 35 spots (rounding up).  The draft has
29 picks, so those guys will have guaranteed contracts.  That means six
spots available per year at a 10% turnover rate. Double it, triple it, quadruple
it then double it again, it's still a tiny job market, considering the number of
applicants, and even considering the brevity of most NBA careers.  Add in
the fact that most of the candidates are now physically immature and
professionally unready, and the turnover is probably higher still, but that's
not a strong point for either the employer or the worker.

Someone should be telling these kids the odds are stacked against them, and
that the smartest thing they could do would be to take advantage of a free
education.  Even if you factor in the decent jobs abroad, the ratio of
basketball jobs to basketball players is daunting, to say the least.  
But if you can write Java, or if you can balance books, or if you can teach, or
heal, or help pursue justice, you will make a good living and be an honorable
man.  There's nothing sadder to us than a kid who has been deceived and who
has put all his eggs in one basket, only to find out that he just can't cut it -
and then has nothing to fall back on.