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Rutgers' Bannon - Dahntay's a Dukie

In an anticipated announcement, Rutgers' head coach Kevin Bannon has issued a statement that the Scarlet Knight's MVP from the past season, Dahntay Jones, has decided to transfer to Duke. Jones, who just finished his sophomore season as Rutgers' leading scorer at 16 ppg, will have to sit out a year and then, like Roshown McLeod previously, will have two years in a Blue Devils uniform. Jones, a friend of Jason Williams, is a 6'5", 250 lbs. wingman and was an All-Rookie selection in the Big East.

From Big East Briefs, here are comments from Jones himself as to why Duke is "a better place for me." Here's CNNSI, Dave Telep, Mike Sullivan, and Kurt O'Neill with the story as well.