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AC In Cameron - We're Convinced

After having spent all of Saturday in Cameron, or Card, we have a slightly
different take on air conditioning in the old palace than we used to: please do
it. Soon.

We all tend to think of it as an issue for opposing teams, but there are a
lot of other people affected: Friday the Durham Public Schools had graduation in
there, and we're sure it was sweltering.

Saturday there were games all day, and some of the refs worked for several
hours straight.  That must have been very difficult.

And, we might add, there are the people who no one really thinks of, the
people who scrub the toilets and wax the floors and pick up the garbage. 
They are working in brutal conditions for half the year.

We - fans, that is - tend to think of Cameron as a 20 day a week type a deal
at most, and 2-3 hours a day or evening at best. For a lot of people it's their
working environment, and it is, almost anyway, the 21st century (it starts on
Jan 1, 2001, as you know, not January 1, 2000).  For those people, and for
those who have to work several hours a day in a sweltering barn, we say, please,
get them air conditioning.

We can always turn it off when UNC comes to town.