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Hurley in Peril; Rescued

OK, this is a long story and you'll wonder where it's going, but trust us.

Scene One: Boswell's wife is walking their golden retriever, Rebound. Rebound is an exceptionally cool dog and is known in their neighborhood for walking around wearing a DBR hat, which she was this Saturday morning. As Mrs. Boswell and Rebound go on their walk, a sopping wet, but very friendly, white dog approaches them and joins them for their walk. Their was no owner around, so Mrs. Boz looks down at the white dog and sees that its name and owner's phone number is on the collar.

Scene Two: Fresh from seeing Ousmane Cisse play at the Dean Dome, Boswell is driving to Cameron and listening to Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper when his cell phone rings. He answers, and it's Mrs. Boz. The following conversation takes place:

He: "Hello?"

She: "Hey, Honey, it's me. I just want you to know that I'm driving around with the cutest white dog I found. His collar says his name is Hurley."

He: "Julio's Hurley?"

She: "No, this dog is bigger, like a Husky. Awww, it's so cute."

He: "Where does it live?"

She: "I don't know. I called the owner but no one answered. I left a voice mail message with our phone number. Meanwhile, I've been driving around for about 45 minutes asking people if they know this dog. Hurley and Rebound have been playing with each other in the back seat"

He: "Does anyone know the dog?"

She: "A couple of people do. They say he's known for getting lost. They don't know the owner, but they told me the street that they think he lives on."

He: "Well, good luck."

She: "Thanks. If I can't find the owner, I'll just put the dog in our yard for the time being."

He: "Sounds good. Love you."

She: "Love you. Awww, this dog REALLY is cute. Bye!"

Scene Three: Boswell comes home. "What happened to Hurley?" he says. His wife tells him: "Well, I talked to some neighbors on the street and they pointed out Hurley's house. There was a car in the driveway, so I went to the front door and rang the bell. It made a real funny sound. No one answered. So I went around back to see if someone was there. There wasn't, but some of the windows were open So I used my cell phone and called the number on Hurley's collar and heard the phone inside the house ring so I knew I was at the right place. I saw a dog house and dog run in the back, so I went back to the car and put a leash on Hurley and brought him around to the backyard. At that point, Hurley went right up to the deck on the back of the house and started going in a doggie door leading to the screened porch. I then unhooked the leash and he went right in. He obviously knew his home."

Scene Four: Boswell and his wife return home from dinner at Crook's Corner in Chapel Hill. They see their answering machine blinking so they press the button to listen to the call. "Hi, this is Hurley's owner. Thanks for calling, but Hurley found his own way back home. Thanks for looking after him."

Boswell and Mrs. Boswell then look at their Caller ID. The name of the caller: "Chansky, Art."