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Texas Size Stupidity

Ok, we had to read this one a few times to make sure it was for real. 
We found this when we did a search on Jane Jankowski, NCAA spokeswoman and
certified PR master. Check this out - in order to be certain a football player
could go to college, a
Texas school district eliminated D grades.
Is that amazing?

Listen to what the kid's dad said:  "We're very happy with
Grapevine-Colleyville. I think they truly saw they were causing a problem for the kids."

And district Trustee Mark Born said this:  "It was the correct decision because it provides equal opportunity for our students when competing for athletic

A principal! "It's an accountability issue. I told my players as long as you go to class every day, do what you're told and turn in your assignments, there's no reason you should make less than a C."

A member of a teacher's assocation! "We're in Texas and it's football, and we're talking sports
here. They made sure their kids are going to be eligible for NCAA Division I programs. I think that's great."