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TOC Update!

Stevens has an article up on the TOC this weekend
and the preponderance of
big men this year - Eddy Curry, who Gibbons thinks might actually play a bit of
college ball despite the immence hype (no 1 pick straight out of high school
according to some), DeSagana Diop, who is even bigger at 7-0 and 280,
David Harrison, Ousmanne Cisse, Rick Rickert, among others. Shavlik
Randolph will be playing as well. He'll be in the
15 & 16 pool.
He's with the Raleigh Heat.. Maurice Petty
will play with the Charlotte Aces.

The All Star Report will have
tons of info as the weekend progresses
we assume. Ben
is also doing a lot,
and ACC Today has a good list of targets and
when and where they are playing.