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Kruger Takes A Stab At NBA!

According to the Champaign News-Gazette, Lon
Kruger is taking the Hawks job.
Known as a builder, he'll need all his
skills to pull this off. Our guess is you'll see him back in college hoops
before too very long.

Now of course the guessing game begins for the Illini job. It'd be a great
job for Mike Brey but a bad geographic fit. Same for Buzz Peterson, who
has made noises about getting out of Appalachian. It's too early for
Cremins to look, but who knows? It could be a good comeback spot for him, but he
said he wants to take a year off. However, putting Cremins next to a major
recruiting center like Chicago is an intriguing idea. Bill Self's name has
already come up as well, and he might be the ideal candidate.

One guy who probably won't get mentioned anymore is Mike Jarvis. Turns out
the guy who said he was his agent and who said Jarvis was looking at a Big 10
job was
a college student who was mistakenly called by the AP
and assumed it was a
friend making prank call, so he played along.