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And Speaking Of The Draft...

After looking down the list of chumps - it's the only possible word - who
think they are not only ready for the NBA but are also first round material, we
were curious as to what earlier early entry candidates were bombing.  We're
hoping William Avery pulls off this list of low scorers.  Technically, Joe Smith might not
belong, but he was a lottery pick, pretty high as we recall (he had to be; he
was drafted by the Warriors).  Bear in mind, these are the ones holding
on.  Lots of others have already washed out, including Leon Smith, who is
the poster child for not being ready.


Jumaine Jones  1.7
Nazr Mohammed 1.9
William Avery 2.6
Baron Davis 5.8
Adonal Foyle 5.5
Dion Glover 6.5
Rashard Lewis 8.2
Corey Maggette 8.4
Jermaine O'Neal  3.9
Lorenzen Wright 6.0
Joe Smith 9.9