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TOC Schedule Through Saturday

an updated schedule
of the festivities this weekend at  Bob
Gibbon's  Tournament of Champions.  This includes both Friday and
Saturday. Here's a lot more from Ben's page.

Some Duke targets, gyms, and times:


James White Friday    -   Carmichael, 8:00 PM
  Saturday -  Cameron 1:00 PM
Greg Tinch Friday   -    Dean Dome, 8:30
  Saturday -  Reynolds, 1:00 PM
David Harrison Friday     -  Dean Dome, 8:30 P
  Saturday   -  Card Gym, 1:00 PM 
Ernest Shelton Friday     -  Dean Dome, 7:00 PM
  Saturday   - Reynolds, 1:00 PM
  Saturday   -  Card Gym, 6:30 PM