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Another Draft Projection

ESPN has a mock draft out
to counter MSNBC's, and it is quite a bit different. They have Chris Mihm going
first to New Jersey, Kenyon Martin off to Vancouver unless God tells him to hold
out for a trade a la Steve Francis, and Stromile Swift to the Clips.

They peg Elton's future teammates as Joel Przybilla, an intriguing
possibility, Darius Miles, and Gerald Sasser.

Maggette is expected to get DeShawn Stevenson as a teammate, meaning that
Grant Hill would be doing some babysitting if he comes to Orlando.

Chris Carrawell is ppegged for Utah, which seems like a great fit
somehow.  They expect the Knicks to pass on Collier for Jamaal Magliore?
Whose bright idea is that?  Geez.

Charlotte is paired with Jerome Moiso, who will stay for the length of his
rookie contract, like most Hornets, before bolting for greener pastures.

In other Bad Ideas, Philly will supposedly take Jamal Crawford to recreate
the bad chemistry between Alan Iverson and Larry Hughes, who was traded to the
Warriors, a dangerous place for a young player by many accounts.

In another interesting pairing, Courtney Alexander will go to the Rockets,
according to ESPN, thus matching him with Steve Francis.  Courtney's UVa
rep was that of a selfish player.  It'll be interesting to see how these
two get along.