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More On The Knight Affair

It's no great surprise that
Indiana will not be investigating Chris Lawford's account of other abusive
behavior by Bob Knight
; University Vice President Christopher
"might as well call me Homer" Simpson said this: "I'm
amazed that the media continues this direction with these sensational stories, day after day after day after day."

The reason they keep mentioning them is because they keep coming up. We're
amazed that no one else has wondered about Simpson's saying that Knight and
Brand "absolutely" didn't meet the Saturday before the board of
trustees met to discuss Knight's job, only to turn around Sunday and talk
about what a critical, wonderful meeting it was. Is he that far out of the
loop? The spokesman for the University on this issue? That's hard to believe.

Anyway, here's
a satirical look
at things at Bob Knight U., and here's an article about
A.D. Clarence Doninger,
who, it turns out, represented Knight in his divorce