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Today's Knight Allegations

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former Indiana player has come forth with an allegation of abuse by Bob Knight.

Chris Lawson, who left Indiana for Vandy, says Knight struck a player in the
head with a closed fist at halftime of a game.

His former teammate, Matt Nover, acknowledged a "heated situation,"
according to the Nashville Tennessean. He said Knight had not hit him with
a fits, but when asked if he had been slapped he referred to his previous

He also said "in no way was I abused or hurt."

Christopher Simpson, the University Vice President who evidently lied when
asked about the Knight-Brand meeting the Saturday before the decision on
Knight's future, said this: "I'm amazed that the media continues this direction with these sensational stories, day after day after day after day."

Just to run it down, here is the updated list of people who have accused
Knight of violent behavior or, in the case of Butch Carter, racism:

  • Neil Reed
  • Ricky Calloway
  • Chris Lawson
  • Clarence Doninger, Knight's boss
  • Jeanette Hartgraves
  • The guitar maker who alleged Knight choked him at a Mexican restaurant
  • Butch Carter
  • His son
  • Dick Vitale, who said that Knight threw him to the ground
  • The Puerto Rican Police officer
  • The LSU fan who was allegedly thrown in a trash can

Chris Reynolds, who was on the team at the same time as Lawson, doesn't
recall the alleged incident.

Greg Graham says that Neil Reed, Ricky Calloway and Lawson are all about sour
grapes. However, Dan Hall, who has known Lawson since AAU ball, stands by
his friend.

Lawson says he doesn't expect anyone to back him up. He also says
that ..."just because somebody leaves the school, that doesn't mean you're going to make up a bunch of stuff. I just think if somebody leaves they're going to be more than likely tell the truth. You have nothing to lose."

We're kind of curious as to why no one has sought out Mike Giomi. As we
recall it, Giomi declined to discuss his time at Indiana, but after transferring
to NC State, he said, in an off-handed comment, that one day he should write a
book about his time at Indiana.