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MSNBC Draft Projections - Cwell To Kings

has a draft projection up.
Kenyon Martin is expected to go to the Nets; no
great surprise.

The Bulls are put down for Stromile Swift, who would pair with Brand for a
solid frontcourt.  Orlando is paired with Morris Peterson, which would push
Corey Maggette down the rotation.

With their second pick, the Bulls are predicted to take Quentin Richardson.

Chris Carrawell is expected to go to the Kings at 17, which makes sense,
since they need someone to do the dirty work.  Chicago, picking again at
24, is predicted to take Ed Cota.  Interestiing pick. A lot of people are
suggesting that  Cota won't be drafted in the first round, and if it were
our pick, we would consider Pepe Sanchez, who might be a better fit in some
ways. Nonetheless, if Chicago came out of this draft with Swift, Richardson, and
Cota, they would have three very talented likely starters in Brand, Swift, and
Stromile, and likely a quality backup in Cota.  They would also have Ron
Artest, Corey Benjamin, and Michael Ruffin.  B.J. Armstrong, who it seems
to us may have retired, Hersey Hawkins,  and Will Perdue all have 10 or
more years experience. Otherwise the roster is pretty young, and, increasingly,

Another note on Cota - his footspeed and shooting are the question marks, and
defense, which in his case is self-inflicted. However, Cota is a master of the
pass. MSNBC says that he's not spectacular, but some of his passes have made us
jump out of our chairs from time to time.  If Mark Jackson can do it,
there's no reason Ed Cota can't, and having guys like Brand and Swift to pass
too would augment his skills. The speed of the game will work against him in some ways, but the open nature of the game will be right up his alley

One final note - this would be a solid draft for the Jerrys and would have
the Bulls back on solid ground. And this is before any free agent
signings.  People might have to reconsider their opinions if they overhaul
the team by next season.