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NBA Lotto Results

The Nets have nabbed the #1 pick in the lottery, meaning they'll almost
surely take Kenyon Martin if his medical report is sound. Martin, Marbury
and Van Horn is a good trio to build on. But last time they had the #1
pick they took Derrick Coleman - not a wise pick.

Vancouver and the Clippers were #2 and #3 respectively, and the Bulls were
#4, meaning they'll probably have a shot at Chris Mihm, if that is who they
actually settle on to help Elton Brand up front. The Magic pick #5, #10,
and #13, and between that and possible free agents signings means it is very
possible that even more roster moves will occur (last season they had a
phenomenal number of moves and trades). Corey Maggette may figure in those

The Bulls also have the #7 pick. Here's the breakdown for the lottery.

No. 1 - New Jersey Nets

No. 2 - Vancouver Grizzlies

No. 3 - Los Angeles Clippers

No. 4 - Chicago Bulls

No. 5 - Orlando Magic

No. 6 - Atlanta Hawks

No. 7 - Chicago Bulls

No. 8 - Cleveland Cavaliers

No. 9 - Houston Rockets

No. 10 - Orlando Magic

No. 11 - Boston Celtics

No. 12 - Dallas Mavericks

No. 13 - Orlando Magic