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Reactions To The Sealy Tragedy

The reactions are starting to pour in over the death of Malik Sealy, and they
are both touching and heartbreaking. Read
this article from the New York Times.
Lou Carnessecca will move you.

honestly didn't know much about Sealy, but we always liked the way he carried
himself. When Duke played St. John's during his time there, he always seemed
dignified, smart and proud.

There's evidence now the the driver of the
other car may have been drinking. If so, it's bad news for him on all
expected fronts, and also this one: if he was drinking, Sealy is the most
prominent person in our memory to be killed by a drunk driver. He is
likely to become the new face of this crime, and the NBA, you can be sure, will
hone in on drunk driving with all its considerable PR power. By the time
he's tried - if he was in fact drinking - public pressure will almost force a
maximum sentence, whatever that may be in Minnesota.

Among those devastated: New Jersey's Jayson Williams, who has lost two
sisters to AIDS already, who
says he feels like he lost a little brother.