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Now This Would Be A Knightmare...

Ok, for those of us who are convinced that Bob Knight hasn't been punished,
maybe we were wrong:
the self-help crowd is lining up to adopt him to their purposes.

Here's an article from the State, with various experts talking about Knight
becoming a figurehead for other people who have similar problems, another
suggesting group therapy, and the dreaded word, "rock bottom."
In many ways, the idea of Knight in group therapy is the most dreadful prospect
for punishment for a guy like him anyone could ever suggest. The image of
Knight in a room full of people confronting their issues and being, well,
vulnerable - could there be anything ever which could be crueler? Possibly
Knight on Oprah?

Knight's son
realizes that these forces are swirling around his father;
he prefers to
call it PC, but he understands they are there. He has some interesting
comments on how his family has dealt with the controversy, but revealingly, he
never suggests that his father may have been in any way culpable. In more fun
from the fiasco, a Star-News
guy is yapping back and forth
with his readers, some of whom are a bit odd.