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Kowalski Makes The Team!!!

Dan Kowalski, the official DBR Olympian, has made the Aussie Olympic Swim team, according to one of our Aussie readers, who posted the news on the board.

Here's the post:

hi all,

just thought you might like to know daniel kowalski made the olympic team. although he has nit qualified for an individual event he made the relay which is a definite gold medal
chance. his swim was incredible, there was not a dry eye in the stadium after he got out of the pool, himself in tears, relieved on having made the team. he had to pull out of his best
event due to his shoulder injuries...


ps: he wore his shane battier singlet at a press conference

Dan has definitely struggled through some very difficult problems with his shoulders, but we're absolutely ecstatic that he will get a chance to compete, not least of all because the Olympics are in his home country and he's a national hero. Congrats Dan! We're pulling for you!!