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Coach K's Induction & Some Comments On the Game

Coach K
has some comments about the proposed NBA development league,
and perhaps the
most salient comment of all is the suggestion that hordes of 13 year old kids
are convinced they are going to be in the NBA and so college is a waste of time
(much less high school). We can testify to that. Having worked a summer in a
Boy's Club, we can tell you that every single kid there, including the fat,
slow, can't-catch-the-ball ones are absolutely convinced that they are going to
make it. When you point out that every other kid in the building thinks the same
thing, a weird emotional response happens, and what you basically get is a sort
of shutdown. We learned not to push it too hard, because the notion, while
wildly improbable, is very powerful and held tight with a certain despair.

He has some other comments on the state of the game which are worth listening
to. Of course this was said during the N.C. Hall Of Fame ceremonies, which
inducted him last night. Coach K had
nice things to say about the state, the city, and the University and how this
had become home. N
eedless to say it wouldn't be as homey without the K's,