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Surprise! Memphis Gets DaJuan

In a move which should come as no surprise, Milt Wagner, who helped Louisville defeat Duke in 1986 in the Title game by the way, has announced his son, high school supernova DaJuan, will join Milt and high school teammate Arthur Barclay at Memphis next year.

DaJuan has been a sensation for some time and there is still talk that he'll take his entourage straight to the NBA, bypassing the City of Elvi for the bright lights of, say, Vancouver or LA (Clippers) or possibly the pleasures of the Meadowlands.

John Calipari has proven to be one of the slicker recruiters around after bagging Barclay and then DaJuan's dad. As we said earlier, Memphis is a monster base for the right guy. Looks like Calipari understands that quite well. Look out Huggs!