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ACC To Concentrate On Reaching Fans

The conference is starting to take
a look at how it is presenting itself to the public,
which is probably a
good idea. One place to start would be in their broadcasts, which are, to
be polite, pretty dull. We're not saying they need to go whole-hog Fox and
put gizmos on the balls or shoes, but there are a lot of simple things they
could do which would make the broadcasts more appealling.

Secondly, they could do a better job with the internet. The ACC, more
than any other conference, has a sense of family which is really valuable, and
they should use it. Not to be cocky, but we've done as good a job here as
just about any ACC site around, and if the conference would like some advice,
we'd be happy to talk to them. There's no reason why the ACC shouldn't have one
of the absolute coolest websites on the planet, and we'd love to help make that
happen, and we have the knowledge, and the contacts, to make that happen in a
big way. This site should be pushing a
million page views a day
during the school year.