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It Depends On How You Use The Word Threat

We've followed the Bob Knight controversy closely since the various issues came
up, and as part of that we have periodically logged into Peeg's IU bulletin
board, and the Star-News board, to see what the people close to ground zero are
saying. So when we heard that Peegs had posted that
he was upset about some of the comments
which are circulating about his
site, specifically
about threats
, we were a bit surprised. He discusses his policy
about what is and isn't acceptable on his board. To be clear, we absolutely
support his right to run his board as he sees fit, as we do for anyone,
anywhere, anytime. It's his board, and he can run it in any way he sees fit.
Further, we have talked to Peegs from time to time and the conversations have
always been very pleasant. We consider Peegs a friend of ours and we wish him
nothing but the best. However, some of the comments in recent days were clearly
over the line. Some of them are posted below. First is an excerpt from a
Pat Forde column, which discusses the disturbing suggestion that someone
illegally get, and then post, financial records from people with whom they are
having a disagreement (read on, the excerpt is posted below). Forde also alludes
to some nutcase who apparently threatened to go on a shooting spree in Indiana
if Knight were removed. To Peegs' credit, the second one apparently had a short
shelf life.

Beyond that are excerpts, some from Peegs' board, and some which were
apparently copied from his site to the Star-News board. As things
played out, one side mostly posted on Peegs, and the other mostly on the
Star-News site. There is the banking thread, suggesting criminal activity,
and then a suggestion to disrupt Bryant Gumbel's work life and provoking him to
violence, promises to make people's lives miserable, and also strong desires to
thrash journalist Rick Reilly. The more mild stuff, since fallen off the
page, called a number of people liars, suggested that maybe the A.D.'s secretary
deserved what she got, and on a number of occasions impugned various people's
sexuality. One compared Knight to Jesus, but we think Bob has a more
expansive vocabulary, though Jesus did knock over a table or two in his time.

Peegs has been a good guy in our experience, and we understand that the heat
of the moment can be pretty crazy, but some of this stuff, in our opinion,
is clearly over the line, and some of itcould conceivably end up in a lawsuit.
Since Peegs runs a site which edits posts, he is responsible for what goes up
and would be named in any legal action.

From Forde:

"But in preparing their counterattack, a few Knight loyalists who post messages on the maniacal have pushed the envelope to a disturbing degree. One called for someone in the banking business to access the accounts of the "Futile Four" -- Doninger, Rohleder, Martin and Felling -- and "post some recent transactions."

"Another post that was quickly removed last Friday afternoon had the ominous title "I see dead people." In the post, the freak threatened to go on a shooting spree in southern Indiana if Knight were removed.

Hoosier Inquisition

Posted by dixnei on May 15, 2000 at 00:59:27: from IP

To all IU alumni and Bob Knight fans. Whatever happens tomorrow, don't let the
instigators and perpetuators of this farce ever forget this or get away with it. There
should not be a single one of these people that should not fear for their jobs. Don't
let any of them feel comfortable. Write, cajol, harass, criticize and do anything
possible to make sure all of them feel very unwelcome in this state.
Not one of these people should be able to go to sleep at night.

Personally I don't care if they find a replacement
immediatly, if Knight is gone, and he wins the NCAA title this coming year. Don't let
these individuals get away with it. Even if Bob comes back next year, don't let this
go. Be the most inhospitable
person you can be to a group of individuals that have made a great many people
miserable for a long, long time. There are quite a few politicians out there running for
election or re-election. Most alumni have a say in who gets to be trustee. Worn out
phrases from the past like "remember the Alamo", shouts of "remember
Fredrieksburg at the battle of Gettysburg, "remember the Main" and even
"remember Pearl Harbor, all get to the point. Never, ever, forget.

This is the type of
atrocity that would have resulted in a blood feud in past. The behavior of many
of the sports writers and television stations in Indiana have been in the very least
unprofessional. We may all be little fish in a big pond but even the worst despots
know that when all the little fish get together and speak as one, the big fish tremble.
University officials and trustees need alumni support and politicians need votes.
Don't let them rest, don't let them be comfortable. Newspapers and television
stations need sponsors. Don't let these people rest or go uncalled upon. If people
like the ones out to get Knight are allowed to go uncalled on this then who is really
safe? I want to see some sports writers and sports anchors have to get on TV and
beg for their jobs. I want to see them try to explain their incompetant and
unprofessional behavior. I want them to wish they had never seen Bob Knight.
Basically I want to see them grovel. Never forget. Print it on shirts, print it on
posters, print it on billboards, send it on e-mails and burn it into our minds; NEVER

About Connie Chung

Posted by hoosier_in_Cincy on May 14, 2000 at 00:01:02: from IP

Well, I just got back from bloomington and assembly hall...(report) posted by
Professor G on May 13, 2000 at 23:56:48:
I am Asian, but I think Connie Chung is a *****.

ANYONE REMEMBER EDTV??? Where's the dirt on all
these ANTI-KNIGHT guys? If they're playing in the
dirty laundry, shouldn't we all? Just a thought fellas!!!

Posted by kybjones on May 12, 2000 at 21:21:31: from IP

Anyone in the banking business have access to the accounts of the futile 4 or their cohorts? Post some recent transactions.

nt - BS 23:19:43 5/12/2000 from IP (31)

Mole you wrote: "The post was a joke" If the guy was joking - would he have posted all of THIS in the same thread! He just keeps going and going and going. Yes, some people disgreed with him, but
you are WRONG about this guy joking. I only posted the headlines - others can go look for themselves if they want to read everything. I can't do all the work or everybody:
You mean catching a blackmailer redhanded don't you!

nt. - BS 23:40:27
5/12/2000 from IP (15)

They still don't know who deepthroat is.

nt - BS 23:46:44
5/12/2000 from IP (1)

I doubt that!

nt - BS 23:45:05 5/12/2000 from IP (9)

BS, believe me...every time somebody accesses data.... -As a programmer you should know.......

- BS
23:58:19 5/12/2000 from IP (3)

Not if I'm looking over your shoulder
when you access the info.

nt - BS
00:02:46 5/13/2000 from IP (1)

I would not want that to happen.

nt - BS 23:53:09
5/12/2000 from IP (3)

What is the law concerning "trustees"
leaking info.

nt - BS 23:59:43
5/12/2000 from IP (1)

So is leaking and lying. If you want to win you've got to do what's necessary.

nt -
BS 23:26:31 5/12/2000 from IP (9)

No, I am not asking anyone to risk their job.

nt - BS 23:32:15
5/12/2000 from IP (7)

Who is to say who revealed the info.

nt - BS 23:35:47
5/12/2000 from IP (5)

Yes, my sister has worked for one for
twenty some years.

nt - BS 23:38:11
5/12/2000 from IP (3)


Posted by BigRedSpec on May 08, 2000 at 09:36:53: from IP

In reply to: Get yourself a "Still on the General's Bandwagon" shirt, posted by Doug
on May 08, 2000 at 09:35:13:

I was just going to suggest that you say nasty things to Gumbel on every commercial
break, trying to make him loose his cool and say something unprofessional. Then,
after he did this, you could go to CNN and try to get him in real trouble. If you could
get him to attack you, so much the better.


Topic: The Gestapo now posting threats against Rick Reilly


posted April 26, 2000 11:21 PM

I say we all go and find Rick Rielly and punch him in
the nose.

Posted by 1IUfan2b on April 26, 2000 at 17:30:32: from IP

Then, we will see how the biggest bully is the fans with their strong support or tiny,
second rate sportswriter. Come on Rick Rielly lets see who can take the blows.

posted April 26, 2000 11:34 PM

And another:

all I have to say to Rick Reilly is...
Posted by jlgreenb on April 26, 2000 at 15:16:07: from IP
In reply to: My message to Reilly (long) posted by Ohio Guy on April 26, 2000 at

you want to see how gutless Hoosiers can be? Meet me in the woodshed. We'll see
who's gutless.

posted April 27, 2000 01:03 AM


Originally posted by Kenny:
I say we all go and find Rick Rielly and punch him in
the nose.

Posted by 1IUfan2b on April 26, 2000 at 17:30:32: from IP

Then, we will see how the biggest bully is the fans with their strong support or tiny,
second rate sportswriter. Come on Rick Rielly lets see who can take the blows.