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Something About Success

Chris Isaak was nice enough to sign this CD for our auction when Eric
met him!


If you've been around here awhile you know that every so often we like to
promote someone in a contest, or a poll, or what have you.  Two of the
best results DBR readers have been a part of were, most recently,  helping
Kurt O' Neill win the Rivalnet party and thereby giving a bunch of you a big
time during the Final Four, and this past fall helping Duke student Eric
Liang's band Something About Flying win
a contest.

We mention this because
the N&O had a nice column about them today.
  They won $25,000 from
Sony to cut a demo, and possibly win a contract. Some other labels have lined
up to make pitches in case Sony isn't happy.

Duke people will understand when we say it was a typically Duke thing for
Eric to record the song by himself, invent a band, win the damn contest and
then have to actually have a band in order to perform with Chris Isaak. 
They recorded tracks, uploaded them as mp3s, and the rest is history. We're
humbled that we had some part in it.

Anyway, it's a great story, and four Asian kids are off to make great music
and have a good time.  Easy on the groupies!

And if this doesn't work out, there's always the law and medical school.