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More On Knight

Caulton Tudor has a
long, thoughtful response to the Knight situation
which is certainly worth
reading. In a nutshell, he recommends iron-clad rules of behavior with no
exceptions, which is perhaps close to what IU may come up with.

many as six players now say they might leave
if Knight does. Support
at the meeting, and on campus, wasn't
particularly public,
though it's there without question. One woman,
with a keen if savage sense of humor and also memory, suggested that Knight
relax and enjoy this experience.

President Brand is in a tough situation - fire Knight and deal with the
fallout from the supporters - and there are still a ton - or cave in and
sacrifice his reputation, appearing to be a President who works for his
basketball coach rather than vice-versa.

more from the Chicago Tribune,
and here's
an article from the New York Post
as well.