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Knight Decision Due Today

The big meeting about Bob Knight is over, and the board of trustees have
passed the buck to the President,
giving him full authority to deal with the
situation. But President Brand, who has apparently not dealt with Knight's
previous excesses when they were reported to him, has supposedly made it clear
that he's not doing this by himself.  Of the nine trustees, one has recused
himself, since he has a close personal relationship with Knight, meaning that a
tie would be possible.

Pat Forde probably got it about right, saying that Brand
won't have the courage to deal with Knight.
  In case you were curious, here
is a list of his previous problems.
This doesn't include the stuff currently
at issue.

Incidentally, Christopher Simmons, a University Vice President, told what is
apparently a bald-faced lie when he said that Knight and Brand didn't meet,
because while he initially said this: "[t]hat's absolutely untrue. I don't know where Knight is, but there is no meeting today between Knight and Brand. I know that for a
fact..." now he says they had a "vigorous...good and healthy"
discussion in the meeting he previously said absolutely didn't happen.