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AC - Duke Going Soft?

Mike Sullivan has a column up wondering if getting AC in Cameron
will cost Duke an edge. 
We understand what he's talking about, but
really it's pretty limited if so and only applies to a couple of games a year,
since AC is really not an issue from December through February, with rare
exceptions.  The tale end of February you might have one or two games where
it gets over 60 outside, and nowadays, with one or two games in March possible,
then too.  But realistically, AC or no, if you get 9,134 people packed
inside that place, it's still going to be warm, and the pressure from the
Crazies, not to mention the defensive pressure on the floor, is where the edge
comes from.  Duke wins an awful lot of games in Cameron when there is snow
or ice on the ground when you stop and think about it.

Moreover, it's important to realize that we often view Cameron merely as a basketball venue. The thing to keep in mind is that it's much more than that. Events from high school graduations to graduate school ceremonies to banquets are held there, often in extremely hot weather. People have become quite ill at those events because of the lack of air conditioning and literally have had to be carried out. Also, we talk about air conditioning, but it will also provide heat. What we also often forget is that Cameron (excluding the offices) is not heated. A major complaint from players and coaches is how freezing cold Cameron can be during January practices.

Still, as we've mentioned before, Duke doesn't have to turn the AC on for certain games.