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No One Is Happy In Bloomington

Things are looking grim in Bobbyland. He's long since lost the media,
of course, and the Star-News has gone after him hard.
In light of the allegations of physical attacks
on former assistant Ron
Felling and choking and punching SID Kit Klingelhoffer, and of course the
instantly notorious account told by Clarence Doninger's secretary, things have
gotten much darker for Knight.

Bill Benner says enough already, calling
him a classic bully.

Will Higgins says that Indiana
needs to teach him some discipline, and fast.

Ludicrously, the University says that Knight is exempt from rules which apply
to normal faculty members. Knight is also a phys. ed professor, and one would
presume that his interactions with he secretary weren't as a coach per se, since
she's not a member of the team.

Needless to say, secretaries as a group are singularly unimpressed.