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Pack Pride Should Be High About Now

Tudor has an article about Justin Gainey and Tim Wells and their imminent
Gainey says he is treating it as winning the last game. He's
justifiably proud of himself, as he should be.

Twenty years from now when a lot of players who didn't go to class have long
since washed out of basketball, when guys like Kenny Satterfield and Jamal
Crawford have had to start over again, Gainey will be firmly established in
life. He'll be educated, employed, and, we're quite sure, highly productive.
Same goes for Tim Wells, who if nothing else showed that he can take a difficult
situation and not give up. He and Gainey are both to be applauded for their hard
work and character. These are words you didn't used to associate with State
basketball and it thrills us a great deal to be able to do so. State fans had a
tough year on the court, but they should all be immensely proud of their
seniors, because they did things exactly the right way.