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Latest Knight Moves

The new
Knight allegations are out and they aren't pretty,
according to the
Indianapolis Star-News. Keep in mind that everything listed below is an
allegation and not proven fact:

  • physically intimidating Athletic Director Clarence Doninger's  64
    year old, 5'4"  secretary and calling her a "fucking
    bitch." Doninger said he was present but declined further comment.
  • insubordination towards his A.D. (referring to the Ohio State incident
    where Knight and the A.D. had to be physically separated).
  • smashing a potted plant against a wall in the secretary's office (separate
  • injuring his son Tim in a scuffle on a hunting trip in Argentina

William Mays, who the Star-News calls a "strong supporter" of
Knight, says that he believes Knight is in serious trouble with the board of
trustees and may face a zero-tolerance policy with regards to his temper.

It should be mentioned that there is apparently some bad blood between Doninger and Knight - Doninger
believed that he was being forced to retire at 65, partly because of the Knight
investigation, and Knight's alleged behavior certainly doesn't indicate a warm

However, these charges are somewhat different than the earlier ones. First of all, a
woman is involved. Second, his boss and his son are among the people making
allegations, though we're not sure why what happened in South America between
Knight and his son matters.

The board of trustees has scheduled a meeting for Sunday morning, and right
now it looks safe to say that Bob Knight is in the most difficult position he
has ever been in.