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The Cruelest Thing We've Heard In A Long Time

How could anyone hurt this child?

We don't know how many of you live around here, but for those of us who do,
the case of CJ Wilkerson has been unsettling to say the least: his mother's
ex-boyfriend has been held prisoner because CJ has been missing for four months,
since his mother and the ex had a falling-out.

It turned out last night that CJ's body was found, stuffed in his mother's
, in the woods. He was a fourth grader.

You know, bad things happen all the time. We all see stuff constantly -
shootings, kidnappings, various evils, in a nutshell, enough to where you can
develop a thick skin and see something horrible on TV and just roll right over
to Jerry Springer or something.

For some reason, this case wasn't like that. Something about this kid
has haunted us. We kept hoping he would turn up, that he was being kept
somewhere, and finding out that he has been murdered is a kick in the stomach we
never expected. We don't know his family but our hearts go out to them.

The usual caveats of alleged
murderer apply since Glover has only been charged and not convicted. But
that child isn't allegedly murdered, he is just plain brutally, coldly murdered. We
suspect that a lot of our Triangle readers, like us, have watched this story
with a sense of unease, and we hope they join us in prayer for CJ and his
family. There are probably crueler things in the world, but right now we
can't think of what they could possibly be.