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Bob Hurley Sr. Honored

Bob Hurley Sr.
became a member of the New Jersey Sports Hall of Fame last night
with both
his sons present. He has had a remarkable career of course, staying at St.
Anthony's despite showing a briliance for coaching, a place where he is
certainly needed more than he would have been in college or in the

Coaching, at it's finest, is about saving lives and building character.
When you look at where Hurley lives, and the very difficult circumstances facing
his kids, his achievements are just that much more remarkable. Guys like
Hurley and Wooten Morgan are invaluable resources, and they give more to this
country than we could ever possibly return.

Hurley said this about his career and why what he does works: "I just think I'm a
peson that kids come across in their teenage years who is about as fair as anyone they'll
meet. I'm the same. They never see a double standard at St. Anthony where the seventh or eighth man on the team has different rules from the star player.
I think the reverse has been true for me, where the star player has more responsibility to his teammates because of his talent. . . . It's not that I'm from an older time and don't know what's going on. I just know how it used to be and how it should be."