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Latest Error In Judgment - Kenny Satterfield

Kenny Satterfield, who just finished his freshman year at Cincy, is the
latest guy to put his professional career at risk by
jumping to the NBA too soon.

Some of this is just ludicrous. This kid, like DeShawn Stevenson, is no
way, shape or form prepared for the NBA.

With over 20 guys coming out early, a ton of them won't go in the first
round, much less the lottery.

ESPNs current
list the following players as probably not going in the first

  • Schea Cotton
  • Jamal Crawford
  • Donnell Harvey
  • Cory Hightower
  • Michael Redd
  • Jeryl Sasser

Might as well add Satterfield and DeShawn Stevenson as well, depending on
what Stevenson ultimately does, because his maturity is questionable, and after
Leon Smith, teams will be wary.