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Early Entry Blues

Dave DeWitt has an article up about kids who leave early,
and what they are giving up.
It's basically spot-on, but we while what they
are giving up is certainly important to consider, it's also important to
consider what they're trying to do. Shane Battier this summer said he wasn't
sure he'd ever be ready for the NBA, which was the most sensible thing we've
heard. It's a league of highly skilled, highly motivated, deeply
competitive men, and for an 18-20 year old to think he's going to push his way
in and take a man's job when that job puts food on the table for his family -
well it's not an easy thing to do. It's boys against men, and 99 times out
of a 100, men will beat boys. Even the ones who are successful now - Garnett,
Bryant, McGrady - in almost every case, there were pathetic stories about these
guys being in shock their rookie years, unable to keep up with their teammates
on or off the floor.

The money is understandable, and compelling, particularly if you are
poor. But there's a price to be paid, and even the most successful spend a
lot of time alone in their hotel rooms, huddled alone with a game boy and, when
that fails, TV, at which point, we suspect, Sports Center isn't quite as fun as
it used to be.