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A Brief Trip To K-ville

We swung by Krzyzweski-ville yesterday to see how things were coming along.
Looking good! Coming up on 80 tents now, and the new terrace works out pretty
well, though there are still some muddy spots.  The ethernet ports are
sweet!  As always, just click on the images to see a full-sized one.
Special thanks to Rob for hanging out with us.



Hanging Out In Kville Passing Through...

Nice, Sunny Day As we said...

C-well-ville? The Taj!

Freshman Tent? View From Afar

Generic Tent Shot TieGuy Wasn't Home

Brickey & Henderson Henderson Spots Brickey

Rob The Line Monitor & Aide Rob Models A DBR Hat!

Rob Gave Us The Tour Casey Passed Through

Late Afternoon Generic Shot

More Generic Filling Up Fast!

Tennis Stand Shot! Buckner's Bordello!