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Quotin' Bob - Better Not Miss The Roundball Classic!

Quotin' Bob Gibbons is talking
up the Roundball Classic.
We didn't realize that Vaccarro actually started
it, back in 1965. Pretty good trivia!

Best of all, though, as always, is the "emphasis punctuation." So
without further "ado!"

  • Long ago and far away in the spring of 1965 (Special props for the Star
    Wars reference!)
  • nation's first high school All-American Basketball Game in Pittsburgh,
  • still remains as America's premier high school basketball event and
    talent showcase.
  • "high school hoops masterpiece."
  • The Thomas Edison of all-star games"
  • outstanding individual matchups, and selecting young men to play
    at their best or natural position.
  • primetime matchups,
  • as good as it gets." (bonus movie reference!)
  • "fantasy land."
  • most explosive athletes in the Class of 2000,
  • . "Mr. Assists,"
  • Andre "The Giant" Barrett
  • "wheeling and dealing"
  • #1 at the position,
  • position.
  • game's location
  • absolutely awesome talent display.
  • the nation's best high school all-star game.
  • Better not miss it! (we couldn't agree more!)