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The Roundball Classic - Don't Miss Duhon At The ESA

The Sonny Vaccarro Roundball Classic kicks off Monday night at the ESA, and
what a contrast so far to the glum report filed at the Boo Williams tournament
by Ben Sherman (see below). 

First of all good news for Duke fans - Chris Duhon reiterates his plans to
stay for four years. He's a great kid and we like his mom a lot, too. Here's
what he told ACC Today:

"It gives me a good feel for the area and I hope that a couple of Duke people come over to cheer a little bit. It's
great..[t]his is where I want to be for four years and I need to get used to the atmosphere."

Well, Duke fans, do you need any more incentive to go see Duhon do his magic?
We got to see him play over the holidays in Reynolds, and he's a very, very good
player, possibly as good a shooter, though a better athlete, than his hero
Trajan Langdon. Among other reasons to go is to see Duhon square off against Andre Barrett, who, in our judgment, has a rare understanding of the game.

Anyway, we're hoping to see a lot of Duke fans turn out.  It should be a
great event, and if we're lucky it will be an annual one too.  With the
McDonald's game coming next year to Cameron, and Gibbons moving his event around
the Piedmont, those of us who follow recruiting should be having a lot to watch.

In another interesting note, Jason Parker hasn't made it to Raleigh yet. suggests that he may be taking the SAT in Charlotte tomorrow, and
points out that he could have done so in Raleigh, as Scooter Sherill, Caron
Butler, and DeShawn Stevenson did.

Anyway, we hope a ton of people turn out for this, in particular a ton of
Duke fans, and that we give Chris Duhon a taste of what he can expect from the
area for the next four years.

Duhon Mania - it's spreading!